God Almighty declares the word of the gospel with power and the warring women of Zion deliver its message.

Psalm 68:11 Passion

An alarm has sounded in the Spirit. Can you hear it? It is the sound of women rising to fulfill their kingdom role. Throughout the history of the modern church, women have largely been excluded from leadership roles. This means that only 50% of the workforce God made responsible to advance His mandate has actually been doing the work. Rather than labor as equal partners, men and women have too often stood apart from each other. If the Church is to fulfill her mandate of Kingdom Dominion, women must be released into their Kingdom call.

Here are 10 powerful characteristics carried by this army of kingdom-minded women.

    1. Influencers. Influence is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something. The kingdom minded women God is raising up in this decade will be powerful influencers who are willing to use their strengths in advancing God’s agenda. Their influence will impact every sphere of society.
    2. Passion. Women fully embrace the object of their devotion. Women who know their purpose will sacrifice time, energy and effort to fulfill God’s purpose. A woman like this has a passion for what she believes in. She delves deeply into sacrificing her time, energy and all her efforts in making a difference in this world. She pours her heart into whatever cause or need she deems significant. She extends her hands and offers her feet in service to the world because she understands that in pursuing God’s calling and purpose for her life, there are responsibilities and obligations. She will face down barriers and burdens with a relentless will that is ignited by her faith, for there is no stopping a woman who commits herself to a mission.
    3. Anointed as birthers. Birthing is a ministry of hiddenness for a season, requiring impartation and nurturing of what is yet to come. Women are anointed to conceive, carry and give birth to the future. After many years of waiting, Sarah conceived and gave birth to Isaac. Hannah gave birth to Samuel and Mary gave birth to Jesus. Women will birth moves of God in this decade.
    4. Wisdom. Rahab and Abigail are Biblical examples of women who walked in wisdom. Rahab is a model of wisdom that led to preservation. Her house was spared because she provided shelter for the Israelite spies. In ministering to David, Abigail stopped him from killing her unworthy husband Nabal, for she knew such violence would only blight David’s glorious future. Wisdom will be a key character trait of the army of women being raised up in this decade.
    5. Sensitive to the voice of God. Deborah was a prophetess who heard God’s call to mobilize the nation of Israel to go to war against its enemies. The sensitive nature of women opens the way for displays of God’s mercy and compassion. The army of women that God is raising up and releasing will have a sensitivity to the voice of God.
    6. Worshipers. The woman with the alabaster box poured the costly contents upon the feet of Jesus. Women are sensitive to the voice and presence of God and are willing to worship at His feet. Anna was an elderly prophetess who had given her life in serving the temple. Her commitment positioned her to see the promised Messiah. A lifestyle of worship will mark the army of kingdom women that will arise in this decade.
    7. Fearless. Jael was a housewife who displayed uncommon courage when she killed an enemy of Israel (Judges 4). She was alone in her tent when the enemy king, Sisera, ran to her tent. Rather than cowering in fear, Jael implemented a strategy to overcome him. She served Sisera warm milk, which put him to sleep. Once he was asleep, she killed him. She was fearless. This decade will reveal an army of women who will be fearless in confronting and overcoming darkness.
    8. Relentless. The widow in Luke 18 continued to present her case before the judge until she was heard. In response to her relentless pursuit of justice, the judge finally rendered a verdict on her behalf. Relentless women don’t quit. We need relentless women to arise.
    9. Faith. Hannah believed that God had answered her prayer for a child. Elizabeth believed she would deliver a son even though she was elderly. Hebrews 11:35 tells us that godly women received their dead raised to life again. This army of kingdom minded women will possess great faith.
    10. Visionary. Women are visionary leaders with capacity and spiritual insight to see beyond what currently exists. She can see her child’s future, while he/she is yet an infant. She can see the beauty in an empty room. Women can see a beautiful cake in the flour, or a home rising out of destruction, or the Spirit’s presence in a dying face. In this decade, visionary women will arise.

When men and women are correctly aligned, one hundred percent of the Kingdom workforce is actively engaged in accomplishing His purposes. The Church is in a critical time in history. If we are going to see the manifestation of abundant harvest, women must arise and take their place. Let’s pray and ask the Lord to awaken more women to their Kingdom call. Let’s go.

Dr. Venner Alston is the author of Next Level Spiritual Warfare: Advanced Strategies to Defeat the Enemy. Her book can be purchased on Amazon or wherever fine books are sold. Her second book, Breakthrough Prayers, Decrees and Confessions to Defeat the Enemy: Overcoming Demonic Resistance Through Warfare Prayer, can be purchased directly from her website: www.drvjalston.org. Order your copy today!