Dr. VJ Alston is a divine change agent, dispatched globally for the eternal Kingdom of God. She is dedicated to bringing His revolution to your life, community, and organization.

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Dr. Alston is an internationally sought-after speaker who is passionate about pushing every individual to discover their purpose and reach their God-ordained destiny.
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As a seasoned educator, Dr. Alston uses her knowledge and training to impact and empower her audiences to expand their minds through her books, trainings, and teachings.
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Be Better advocates and seeks to create a different reality among this population of children and young adults by providing emotional, educational and entrepreneurial support.


he Kingdom of God is her heartbeat and preparing Christian leaders for maximum effectiveness, her passion. Dr. Venner Alston is the divine response to your hunger to experience a greater degree of excellence, in life and ministry. A prolific and penetrating speaker, teacher and strategist, Dr. Alston provides radical strategies and cutting-edge methods to the many dilemmas that keep your leaders and teams stuck in ineffective paradigms. Developing effective strategies that facilitate corporations and organizations achieving their vision and goals is the heartbeat of Dr. Alston. She brings to your challenges her expertise in the areas of Team and Executive Coaching coupled with Church Administration and Education to design the practical approaches that advance leaders and teams to the level of success every visionary organization desires. Dr. Alston leverages more than 25 years of global experience in developing and strengthening leaders and teams, with her undergraduate and

graduate degrees in Education, Theology and a Ph.D. in Urban Education, to increase your leadership and team effectiveness. Additionally, Dr. Alston has over 20 years of experience as a senior pastor. All of her combined skills, expertise and experience make her the relevant answer you have been seeking to lead your organization to the productive future you envision. She motivates your leaders and teams through speaking, coaching, leading executive or leadership retreats, conferences, workshops or one- on- one Executive Coaching sessions.

Dr. Alston is available to provide the radical strategies and cutting-edge approaches that empower people to produce lasting results. We look forward to assisting you to meet your growth and transformation needs in the near future.