What sets your soul on fire? What are you passionate about? Are you living your destiny or has your life been highjacked by mediocrity? Perhaps you don’t know where to start the pursuit of what is Divinely yours. You start by embracing the fact that you were born to be great, not mediocre. Do we just accept mediocrity as part of our life journey or do we find the pathway to reclaiming our lives? Owning your greatness will initiate re-wiring your inner processes. I want you to commit today to the journey of reclaiming your Divinely given life.

Here are some simple steps to help you get started.

  1. Resign from the Blame Game. Too often we find ourselves complaining about setbacks, misfires and missteps. Not only do we complain, we look for someone to blame. This is toxic behavior. If you are going to reclaim your life, resign from the Blame Game today. This doesn’t mean that someone on your team is not responsible. Hold them accountable and move on.
  2. Renew your life plan. If you don’t have a dream or vision for your life, it’s time to get one. You will never arrive at a destination that you cannot see. Take time to sit with your life plan, and, if necessary, create a new route. How will you move from where you are to where you want to be? Plan your steps and walk out your plan, making adjustments as necessary.
  3. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. What do you do well? What are your weaknesses? Be honest with yourself- no one does everything well. What is imperative in your life plan that you need to do well, and what can you outsource? Things you don’t do well simply require the help of someone on your team who can consistently fulfill this role. Major in the major areas of your life and outsource the minor things. Don’t sweat small stuff!
  4. Reset your trajectory. Your trajectory is your goal. Is your life aimed at the goal or dream that has been Divinely set for you or have procrastination, laziness or toxic relationships pushed you off course? If so, it’s time for a reset. It’s not too late. You can always recalibrate or re-set your life. You can only go where you are aimed. Change your course today!
  5. Reclaim your joy. When was the last time you were really happy? Joy has a powerful component that activates creativity within us. When your emotions are joyful, you not only see the strategies that will move you toward your Divinely ordained greatness, you also attract people to assist you.  Life isn’t meant to be lived in a miserable, unhappy state until you die, so reclaim your joy!
  6. Recommit to your greatness. If you are not willing to commit to your own God-ordained destiny, you will never reclaim your life. Within every 24-hour cycle you must fully commit to your life. God, who wrote the blueprint for your life, imbedded time factors in your plan. Time is currency. You have to pay attention to how you are spending your life currency each day.
  7. Reclaim your focus. Not only do you need vision for your life, you need focus. Focus requires that you see what is important and eliminate noisy distractions. Identify and eliminate time wasters. Time wasters draw energy from you, decreasing your focus. Reclaiming your life must be the center of your attention and should take center stage every day.
  8. Deal with your fears. Too many people live their entire life absent the fearless pursuit of impassioned purpose. Fear of failure or fear of what others might think or say can keep you living in a passionless way. It’s time to get rid of fear and begin really living!

It will take everything within you to reclaim your life. The longer you have been off course, the harder it will be to get your life back on track. Just remember though, that God, who encoded greatness in your DNA, did not set you up for failure. Every day, purpose to do something phenomenal. Find someone who can help you to move toward your greatness and find someone YOU can help to move toward their greatness. It’s time to stop being afraid!