Revelation is more than a good idea. Revelation is the revealing of something, particularly of a truth that has been lost or hidden. Perhaps you feel stuck in your life, but you don’t know how to move forward. Maybe you have implemented change in some areas of your life, but it seems like you take two steps forward and three steps backward. What you need is revelation, discovering the truth of what has been lost or is still staying hidden in your life. The initiation of change begins with revelation.

We all have blind spots, areas that we cannot see. When you are driving and preparing to change lanes, you must be aware of blind spots. There might be a car in the lane next to you that you cannot see because it’s in your blind spot. The car is there, others can see it, but you can’t because it’s in your blind spot. It is the same way with change. If we want to change, we must become aware of our blind spots. They can be hard to identify, but knowing they exist and that we have to recognize them is a vital first step toward opening ourselves to revelation.

Once you begin the process of change, that’s still only the beginning. You must continue the process, until it is completed. Then, it must be sustained. Sustained change involves revelation as well. It means “seeing” how to maintain momentum and continue moving from one measure of change to another. In other words, once we have implemented the necessary change strategies, change must be maintained by revelation.

Many people desire change. However, too often there is no movement beyond desire. If you are going to begin living your best life, your desire must escalate to the level of passion and dedication. Only then can it become the catalyst to transformation. Only then can it open you to revelation.  Revelation isn’t coming simply because you need it.

There is a process to receiving revelation. Here are a few simple steps to help you access revelation.

  1. Know the source. Every good and perfect gift comes from above, from our Heavenly Father. He is the One who has given you destiny and is desirous to give you strategies to live your best life. Avoid dark sources of information like psychic consultations, Ouija boards, tarot cards, etc. You must consider the source. The One who has purposed a good life for you and planned your greatness should be the source of information for you.
  2. Develop the habit of listening. Every 24-hour cycle is filled with demands upon your time and claims for your attention. We all deal with life’s demands. Work, family, personal issues, etc. are things that require our attention. Listening involves setting aside time for the truthful voice inside ourselves and paying attention to the details. It isn’t easy to find quiet moments for listening, comprehending details, but if you are going to receive the revelation you need to move your life, business, ministry, etc. forward, you must develop the habit of listening.
  3. We live in a noisy world. Get rid of toxic noise. Toxic noise is the negative narrative you tell yourself or others tell you. Silence every narrative of failure. The One who gave you destiny has a plan for your success, but you won’t hear it when you are filled with toxic noise.
  4. Faith is a powerful tool. You must believe that a good life has been planned for you. No one was born to fail. You weren’t born for mediocrity, you were born for greatness. Self-doubt will block the flow of revelation, leaving you incapable of living your best life.

Revelation is not optional. If you are going to successfully change your life. If you want to shift out of mediocrity, you need effective strategies. In many cases, strategies are unique to the individual. Caution should be exercised in imitating someone else’s process. Listening will help you to hear the strategies that are right for you. Spending time listening will quiet your inner voice so that you can hear the voice of the One who has planned the course of your life. Not only will you hear processes that will help you move forward, but the One who planned your life will let you see those things which are preventing you from living your best. The good thing is that once you become consistent in knowing the source of information, listening, getting rid of toxic noise and believing, you are well on your way to receiving the necessary revelation that will move you into the fullness of life.