(Prophecy Series, Part 2)

But he who prophesies speaks to men for their edification, exhortation and comfort.

1 Cor. 14:3 MEV

Scripture encourages believers to desire spiritual gifts, especially prophecy. In this context, prophecy refers to a God-inspired, God-breathed message you receive directly, or which is spoken to you through someone else. While many believers have gained understanding of prophecy, there are many who do not understand this valuable gift that has been given to the Body of Christ. The lack of understanding of the gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy, has created a reluctance to embrace this revelatory gift. If the Church is to move into her full identity and expression on Earth, we must understand and embrace prophecy. Here are 9 reasons believers must develop the supernatural language of prophecy.

  1. Prophecy releases God’s power. Whenever we speak, we are creating something. Words are powerful and creative. In the book of Genesis, when God spoke to the chaos, order appeared. When you prophesy the word of the Lord, you are releasing God’s creative, healing and restorative power into the chaos of human history.
  2. Prophecy is revelatory. Prophesy reveals hidden truths. Revelation releases supernatural capacity to see what is hidden that God desires to reveal.
  3. Prophecy releases faith. As you speak words of prophecy by faith, your faith will increase. Words of prophecy are not mere human words; they are the words of All- Powerful God. We prophesy by faith, and as faith arises, you believe that God not only speaks, He performs His word.
  4. Prophecy exhorts. When you release faith filled prophetic words, encouragement is released. Prophecy fills the heart of the hearer with the presence and faith of God. These powerful, supernatural words have power to break down the bondages of discouragement.
  5. Prophecy comforts. Prophecy releases comfort and consolation. Prophesy brings comfort into the heart of the hearer. When comfort is released, the hearer is renewed in faith to believe that God is with them.
  6. Prophecy activates restoration. Prophecy reveals God’s intentions toward you and releases God’s supernatural power to restore (repair) whatever is broken in your life. In Psalm 23, David declared, “He restores my soul.”
  7. Prophecy rebukes darkness. In Genesis God spoke and light appeared. When you speak words of prophecy darkness breaks and the Light of God appears.
  8. Prophecy edifies. To edify means to build up. When you prophesy you are built up and strengthened in faith. And you build up the faith of others.
  9. Prophecy allows expression. When you prophesy, you demonstrate the gift and anointing of God. Believers are to be equipped and trained to function in spiritual gifts and callings. When believers do not have opportunity to prophesy, they can become spiritual stagnant and frustrated.

You were created in the image and likeness of God. This image includes intellect and choice, which give you the capacity to commune with God. Expression of the gift of God is a vital component of your spiritual growth.  Hebrews 5:14 tells us, “we have our senses exercised to discern good and evil.” The meaning here is the more believers have opportunity to exercise hearing the voice of God and communicating what they hear, the more they will experience growth and maturity. Your spiritual identity and God-designed purpose are activated through prophecy. It’s time to arise in faith to release the voice of the Lord in prophecy. Let’s go!

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