(Prophecy Series, Part 4)

Follow after love and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.

1 Cor. 14:1MEV

Prophets and prophetic people will be revealed in a new way throughout this decade. God is raising up a powerful company of men and women who have been hidden in His presence. This prophetic company will embrace their identity as spokespersons of the Kingdom, releasing powerful, life changing words that will transform lives. There are some who question the need or relevance of prophets and prophetic people in our time. They opt to believe that there is no longer a need for prophecy. They forget that the apostle, Paul, encouraged believers to desire spiritual gifts especially the gift of prophecy. In the Greek text the word for desire is zeloo, from which we get the word “zealous,” which means “to covet earnestly or burn with zeal.” In other words, believers are encouraged to burn with desire for spiritual gifts, especially prophecy. Demonstration of spiritual gifts begins with desire for them.

As you cultivate desire, I would like to suggest 10 practical steps to help you activate your prophetic voice.

  1. Faith. God has given a measure of faith to every believer. We are saved by faith and we operate in the gifts of the Spirit by faith. As you release your faith into belief that you can prophesy, your prophetic voice will be activated (Romans 12:3).
  2. Study of the Word. The Bible is a prophetic book. The greater your understanding is of scripture, the deeper will be your prophetic utterance. It is also important to understand that prophecy does not contradict the word of God. Prophesying from the scriptures is an excellent way to activate your prophetic voice.
  3. Prayer. Prayer is communion with God. Just as in a natural conversation, each person in the conversation has an opportunity to speak, so it is with prophecy. When we commune with God in prayer, there are moments when we pause to hear what God desires to speak to us. These moments are often prophetic, as God reveals the intent of His heart. Prayer activates our prophetic voice.
  4. Pray in tongues. When we pray in tongues, our inner man is edified. In other words, a supernatural stirring is released within us. As you pray in the spirit, you will begin to hear prophetic words. Tongues and interpretation are another way to activate your prophetic voice. Prophecy can be released in tongues and interpreted in the corporate gathering when the Spirit of God is allowed to arise (1 Cor. 14:4).
  5. Listening. We have natural and spiritual ears. When we open our spiritual ears to hear the voice of the Lord, our prophetic voice is activated as we speak forth what we hear the Spirit speaking (Rev. 2:29).
  6. Singing in the Spirit. Prophetic song is another expression of prophecy that can activate your prophetic voice. When you begin to sing a known song unto the Lord, it opens the way for the unknown prophetic song as you access the supernatural realm. Although singing in the Spirit is often released in the corporate setting, all believers can and should sing a new song to the Lord (Isaiah 42:10; Rev. 5:9).
  7. Journaling. Taking time to sit before the Lord to listen and write the Lord’s conversation with you, is way to activate your prophetic voice. As you review your journal, you will be able to identify prophetic words that have been spoken to you during these times.
  8. Expecting. Every believer should expect to hear a prophetic word from the Lord. Expectation is linked with faith. When you expect to hear a prophetic word from the Lord, allow your faith to be released to hear it and then speak forth.
  9. Find a prophetic environment. Not all environments are conducive to activating your prophetic voice. You must find environments where your prophetic voice can be activated and released. Prophetic worship gatherings and prophetic training opportunities are great places to activate your prophetic voice
  10. Practice. The more you practice releasing your prophetic voice, the more your accuracy will increase, as will your faith. Look for opportunities to express prophecy. Using scripture, prophesy everywhere. Prophesying in your car as you drive through your city, is an effective way to activate your prophetic voice (Heb.5:14).


These are just a few ways to activate your prophetic voice. The more you arise in faith and prophesy, you will develop greater capacity and accuracy in your prophetic voice. In this decade of the voice, it is imperative for believers to develop their prophetic voice. When we prophesy the word of the Lord, we overcome assignments of the enemy. This decade is about the voice and what we speak. Prophecy and prophetic decrees are key weapons to overcome every assignment of darkness. You can’t afford to remain silent. Let’s get activated. Let’s go.

Dr. Venner Alston is the author of Next Level Spiritual Warfare: Advanced Strategies to Defeat the Enemy. Her book can be purchased on Amazon or wherever fine books are sold. Her second book, Prayers, Decrees and Confessions to Defeat the Enemy, can be purchased directly from her website: www.drvjalston.org. Order your copy today!